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audioboost for 6.2x and 6.3x!

Posted: April 29, 2011 in PSP stuffs

Thanks to neur0n for this very nice plugin, a plugin that boost up the sound of your psp’s speaker, i think its around 30% more than the normal maximum volume that the psp can handle.

**WARNING: Use the plugin carefully, it may harm or damage your psp’s speaker. **


v4c (Add patch for 6.20TN(HEN).) **Latest Version**
v4b (This is beta version. More boost up PSPgo sound)
v4 05g (Compatible with PSP Go.)
v3 FIX 04g 07g 09g

***Download Link:





***Credits: neur0n


whatever released his CFW Extender 6.xx.. :), a very nice plugin.




* Change the speed of the CPU / FSB from the XMB, UMD and ISO.
* Change the brightness of the screen.
* Take screenshots in the XMB, UMD and isos.
* Turn the USB from the XMB, UMD or ISO.
* Play with your ISO, UMD and homebrew on the PC screen by remotjoy.
* Load homebrew and ISO via USB.
* Play your music in mp3, at3, oma, omg and aac (must be in the / music)
* Reboot and Shutdown Fast psp.
* Change the volume of each audio channel of the PSP.
* Show information about memory psp.
* Enable the usb from the psp on, by modifying the cfe.config (not recommended)
* Select a speed of CPU / BUS from power through cfe.config
* Select a brightness level from power through cfe.config
Features * Time Machine, the CFE can restart any firmware compatible with TM as long as they have set time machine, so it automatically detects CFE.

To display the menu you must press note (♪) + R
Move between the menu and R. L
Increase or decrease arrows


* Updated RemoteJoy (now works on kernel 6.XX).
* Updated MP3 Player (MP3 Añadidso plugin modules).

Installation process :

Copy the * Cfe folder inside the folder seplugins and add the following line to vsh and game file:
ms0:/seplugins/cfe/cfe_loader.prx 1

***Download: HERE

***Source: HERE

***Credits: whatever

o a psp developer, knopper released his Genesis compo entry,named “Lock The Folder”  a homebrew that protect your files and your privacy in PSP. You can use a password in every folder in your PSP..

Some screenshots:


MF (MediaFire)

SS  (SpeedShare)

***Credits: knopper,

6.XX Installer v1.6 released!

Posted: April 24, 2011 in PSP stuffs

New version of  flofrucht‘s handy 6.XX Installer  for Homebrews, Plugins, Custom Firmwares and HENs.

What’s New in Version 1.6?

  •   -added 6.20-TN-E *fix*  
  •  -added Gameboot Skip Plugin for 6.3X 
  •  -added Mp3PlayerPlugin pops test
  •  -added CXMB 3.7 – 6.38  
  •  -added 6.20 PRO-B5 + Fast Recovery  
  • -added 6.20 PRO-B5 Permanent  
  •  -added 6.35 PRO-B5 + Fast Recovery 
  •  -added 6.38 ME-2  
  •  –added Spoofer 0.2 
  •  -fixed some Bugs reduced size, its now much smaller


  1.  * possibility to install 6.31 HEN signed 
  2. * possibility to install install 6.35 HEN signed 
  3. * possibility to install 6.36 HEN Alpha v3 signed 
  4.  * possibility to install 6.20 TN-E *fix* 
  5.  * possibility to install 6.35 PRO-B5 and FastRecovery 
  6.  * possibility to install 6.20 PRO-B5 and FastRecovery 
  7.  * possibility to install 6.38 ME-2 for PSP Phat & Slim 
  8.  * possibility to install 6.20 PRO-B5 Permanent 
  9.  * possibility to install PSPident 0.73.2 
  10. * possibility to install PSP Module Checker v3.0 
  11.  * possibility to install Prometheus ISO Loader with 500 isofs.prx 
  12.  * possibility to install HBL r115 
  13.  * possibility to install 635/631 -> 620 Downgrader 
  14.  * possibility to install 5.00 version.txt for downgrading 
  15.  * possibility to install Recovery Menu 0.2 
  16.  * possibility to aLoader 1.25 
  17. * possibility to install Game Categories Light v1.3 
  18.  * possibility to install CXMB 3.71-6.38 
  19.  * possibility to install Spoofer 0.2 
  20.  * possibility to install Mp3PlayerPlugin pops test 
  21. * possibility to install DayViewer v7 
  22.  * possibility to install Gameboot Skip Plugin for 6.3X 
  23.  * possibility to install PRXshot 0.3.0

***Dowload Link: (on his page: click here)

***Credits to: flofrucht